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Internet Use Policies

  1. To use the Internet workstation, you must have a valid library card. Exceptions can be made for individuals who are visiting the area. Circulation staff will determine if an exception to this rule can be made.

  2. Library patrons aged 13 to 17 must have a parent or guardian sign an Internet Parental Permission Agreement to use the Internet.

  3. Children aged 12 and under may use an internet workstation if their parent of guardian sits directly beside them for the duration of their usage.

  4. Patrons may use the computer for up to two one-hour sessions daily.

  5. No more than two persons will be allowed to work together at one computer. Both individuals must meet the requirements for Internet use as stated in this policy and abide by the guidelines.

  6. You cannot send, receive, or display child pornography, obscenity or items harmful to minors.

  7. Computers cannot be used for any unlawful activities, including "hacking."

  8. No one may use the computers to disclose, use or disseminate personal identification information regarding minors.

  9. It is a violation of this policy to use chat rooms, email or other forms of direct electronic communications to threaten or harm the safety and security of minors.

  10. Customers must not modify or alter the configurations, options, preferences, settings or any portion of the software or hardware installed on the library's computers.

  11. Printing costs are $.15 per page, regardless of its usefulness to you.



Last Updated 08/01/14

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Adopted September 2, 1998
ECML Board of Trustees