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Library users and staff have a right to assume that visits to the library will be free from harassment: free from physical discomfort and danger; free from psychological and emotional stress. The rights of both the public and the staff are sometimes violated by the attitudes and behavior of a very small minority of persons. It shall therefore be the policy of the Library Board of Trustees to maintain in the library system a quiet, pleasant environment conducive to serious study as well as casual browsing. Any behavior that violates this policy shall be grounds for removal from the library. The following are examples of what the Board considers to be unacceptable behavior:

  1. Loud conversations or laughter that is disturbing others. Talking at a level that can be heard away from the study tables is considered to be a violation of this rule.


  1. Smoking in any areas of the library.


  1. Use of radios or other equipment that is audible to others.


  1. Willful destruction of or damage to library property; removal of library property unless through established lending procedures.


  1. Children ten years old or younger unaccompanied by an adult for the entire time he or she is visiting the library.


  1. Soliciting or selling of any kind unless for a library-sponsored project and the distribution of leaflets or the posting of notices without the specific authorization of the library director.


  1. Attempts by groups or individuals to use any part of the library (except the Pender or conference room) for the presentations of programs or events of any type.


  1. Sleeping in the library or on the library grounds.


  1. Bringing animals other than lead dogs into the library.


  1. Use of restrooms for meeting, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the illicit use or sale of drugs.


  1. Consumption of food and beverages in the library.


  1. Carrying weapons of any kind.


  1. Following staff or users around the premises, harassing behavior, or the use of abusive language.


  1. Loitering on premises.


The library director or his/her designee is authorized to request the departure of any person violating this policy. Non-criminal violations of this policy will politely be brought to the attention of the customer and a verbal warning issued. A second violation of the policy will result in the customer being asked to leave the building and grounds. The library director or his/her designee will call the police immediately if any criminal activity is observed or if a person refuses to leave the building and grounds after being asked.